ALL proceeds and profits from BeaverMart are 100% donated to the Team Beaver fund. Team Beaver is the charity arm of Over the years it has helped raise awareness and funds for causes like Multiple Sclerosis, breast cancer, juvenile diabetes, autism, sickle cell anemia, The March of Dimes, The American Cancer Society, The Humane Society, The Human Rights Campaign, and women's crisis centers. 


As you shop through BeaverMart, keep an eye out for items marked with an asterisk (*). These items are for specific causes and all proceeds from that particular item go toward just the corresponding charity or cause. For example; you really want a Beaver logo shirt, but if you get it in orange then all the proceeds go to the National MS Society. A decal for your car would be neat, but if you get a pink one then you're helping out Breast Cancer research. Anything red goes to The American Cancer Society. See how easy it is?


Current causes we support:

All orange items support the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.



All pink items support The Breast Cancer Research Foundation


All red items support The American Cancer Society


All yellow items support the USO


More causes will be added as we add more colors.